Grid Layout for beautiful and consistent looking applications.

  • 17 September 2020
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Hello Community!


We recently released AIMMS 4.75 which packs quite a punch and is feature-rich!

We would love to hear your feedback on all the WebUI features and are curious to hear more about the Grid Layout.

Creating a layout in the WebUI and arranging widgets is a somewhat time-consuming task. We believe the Grid Layout will save you time and also bring consistency in the way your application looks. Some of the features that are available in the grid layout are:

  1. 10 standard layouts to choose from. Select a layout and just assign widgets areas.
  2. No need to size widgets anymore. The fit and adjust in the areas when assigned.
  3. Fits in a lot more resolutions. Moving towards responsiveness.
  4. Tablet friendly.
  5. Ability to create custom layouts, in case the standard layouts do not suffice.
  6. Centered layouts which eliminate defining a max columns.

Here are some useful links to get started:

  1. Grid Pages -
  2. Creating Custom Layouts -

Please let us know what you think. We love your feedback and always welcome it.

PS: Attached is a short 10 minute video to get you started and quickly grasp some concepts. A crash course of sorts! :)



8 replies

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Very welcome update! I quickly played around and it looks really good. As this currently is an experimental feature, what would be the risk if we would already start developing a new application with this Grid Layout? When do you expect to fully implement and support this feature?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Richard,

Great to hear that you like the Grid Layout, and happy to hear any suggestions you might have with more use.

The reason it is under experimental features is that we still need to extend this feature to the Dialog and Sidepanel pages.

Also, we thought that it would be wise to gather feedback and see if there are improvements or maybe any changes we need to make. There are also some small issues that we have identified and are working on ironing them out.

We would encourage building new applications with the Grid Layout. So far the feedback has been great. 

Once the dialog pages and sidepanel pages also have the functionality of the grid layout we plan to make the feature official and fully support it. We have planned this in our Q4 2020 roadmap.


Hope I could answer your questions!


Thanks and Regards,


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Thank you for your reply @Pratap Kumble! Sounds as if you are working hard on the official release.

How easy would it be to transfer pages to the new Grid Layout? Suppose I would start developing an app with some dialog pages and sidepanels, will it be easy to transfer them to the Grid Layout once that is supported?

Another feature which I would love is the functionality to move widgets to different pages, create duplicates or linked copies (imagine one master widget with multiple copies, which automatically change when the master widget is changed). 

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Hi @Richard,

The idea is to keep the implementation or conversion for dialog pages and sidepanels the same as it is for regular pages. The only difference being the size of the viewport of these pages. 

They will in principle be the same to convert as the regular pages. So it should be a breeze. :) 

The good news is that we are planning to improve application management in Q4 2020 as well. Application management is basically improving the functionality to copy, duplicate, rename, and move pages and widgets within the application. We have all the ideas you mention a part of the plan. We are working out the details and you might see it come up in the product updates.



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Good news @Pratap Kumble, looking forward to the future updates!



how can I use these experimental features? I would like to use the grid layout! 



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Hello @mariekravakova, the experimental features are reachable by using the 3-key combo CTRL+SHIFT+. and then clicking the ‘crossed hammers’ icon in the WebUI menu bar on top. 

Do provide your feedback!

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Hi Community,

It’s been a short while since we released the Grid Layout (under Experimental Features) and have been working on converting/extending the grid layout on the Dialog pages as well. This would allow having consistency across the application. We are close to completion on the Dialog Pages and would move on to adding grid layouts to the Side Panels as well.

We would love to hear if you are eager to see Grid Layouts for the Dialog and Side Panel pages as well! You can do that by liking this comment or adding a comment if you have some specific feedback or suggestions as well.





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