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A very good day to everyone!

I have a little problem here whereby I have keyed in all my data and details into AIMMS. However, I just found out that the UI I used is WebUI and not WinUI. May I know how to change the WebUI to WinUI without even deleting all the data I have keyed in?

Thank you so much for helping. 


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The following link (from the AIMMS website) might be useful. Please refer:




@akumar Thank you so much for helping! 🙏🥰

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Hi @Shanice Hun Yee ,

Glad you were helped @akumar.

I am curious to learn why you would like to go ‘back’ to WinUI from WebUI as WebUI is our go to way for App building. Can you share some extra background? Is there a specific need?


PS: For AIMMS Community Edition users, the WinUI is not available as WinUI.


Hi @Gertjan ,

Sure! Definitely! I would wish to run MIP model for my degree Final Year Project. Hence, its a requirement for me to change from WebUI to WinUI.


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Hi @Shanice Hun Yee 

Thanks for sharing. As said running a MIP model does not require a WinUI, so I am assume there is a criteria defined for you in the project definition that states you need to build it as such. Hope in future years, the project will be updated to WebUI so people after you can built in the latest and greatest 😀. Good luck on your Final Year Project!


FYI: Lot’s has been developed already since I wrote the post below, but you might find it an interesting read as it explains the why and how on WebUI:



@Gertjan Thank you for your advices. I will definitely do my very best! :muscle_tone1:  Thank you once again. :pray_tone1::blush:



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