How can I launch WebUI without clicking the "WebUI" button in the GUI?

  • 18 April 2019
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I'd like to launch WebUI automatically upon opening a project. I can't seem to locate the webui::pr_OpenWebUI procedure. Is there one?


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Hi @MathFour ,

This is unfortunately not a possibility with the WebUI, but they were considerations on making this a possibility.

You may share your interest in the following category:!

Just for your information, it is however possible to start AIMMS and the WebUI thanks to a Windows batch file. I attached an example to show you the syntax. Please adapt your AIMMS installation directory path to use it.

Hope it helps!
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Hello Bon (@MathFour),

I am checking internally how easy it is to add an extra project option to Open the WebUI when you open the project (without the need to call it yourself). Just to make sure, would it be sufficient to have a Project Options, that says "Open Startup Open WebUI" (this will go to main page as it does now via the WebUI button using the selected browser).

Gertjan de Lange
Product Owner AIMMS
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Yes @Gertjan,

If I understand you correctly, you mean an option in either of these places (shown below) that had the "Upon Startup Open WebUI," right? If so, then YES, that would work just swell!

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Indeed, that is what I meant.
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Hi @MathFour, all

I can share that our development team just added this feature (option to auto-start WebUI upon start of AIMMS project); after some further testing, and prepping for release, we will make this available to all. Likely in 4.67.

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@MathFour, all

We just released 4.67 w/ this feature as option "Project - Startup & Authorization - Open WebUI on Startup".


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