How do you change css on dialog page buttons?

  • 30 May 2019
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I've just about got a handle on the css "rules" for the widgets, but the buttons for the new dialog pages don't follow those rules, it seems.

I've tried a gazillon permutations of
  • .dialog-open
  • .dialog-page-container
  • .ui-dialog-buttonpane
  • .ui-dialog-buttonset
  • button:last-child
  • button
  • .ui-button
  • .action-cancel
  • .ui-widget
  • .ui-state-default
  • .ui-corner-all
  • .ui-button-text-only
How can I change the button color, text color, etc?

At this point the only thing that changes anything is

.theme-mytheme.dialog-open .ui-button-text

and that only changes the background around the text itself, not the button background.


Best answer by Pratap Kumble 31 May 2019, 13:39

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Hi @MathFour, you can use the attached CSS. I have added CSS such that you can change the color of the blue action button and also the other buttons along with the text color.

So ideally you can give the 1st button(blue) one color and the rest of the other buttons another color. Have also added the hover styles.

The colors in the CSS are quiet contrasting just to make it easier to change. :)

Please let me know if this helped and was the need.

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Yes, @Pratap Kumble, that looks like it'll work just fine.

I'll give it a shot and let you know if I have any other questions!


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