How to Add a Logo to your AIMMS WebUI App

  • 19 August 2021
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How to Add a Logo to your AIMMS WebUI App
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If you’re an AIMMS developer building an app for end-users, you’ve probably considered adding a logo to make the app resonate with your company’s brand. This also helps you drive acceptance within your organization. This new How-to by @Chris Kuip explains:

  1. How to add a logo to you app
  2. How to tweak the logo as needed
  3. Best practices for selecting and adjusting logos.

Read the tutorial and access supporting examples here: https://how-to.aimms.com/Articles/518/518-add-logo-to-webui-app.html 

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It would be fantastic if we the logo element can be collapsible/expandable with customizable additional information (e.g., description of the app, dev support page/email links) similar to the AIMMS logo at the right in the footer.


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