how to avoid error when using the 'cross' in a selectionbox

  • 25 September 2023
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I got an erorr message saying “Unable to map 'undefined' to an element within the range of set 'xxx' (in widget 'xxx)

Setup as follows: Set A:= {‘Option 1’,Option 2’}. Element parameter eA with Range of the Set A. 

Create a widget selection box with content eA.

Once I select ‘Option 1’ or ‘Option 2’ and I want to empty the selection box again (preferabele using the ‘cross’ but then I got the error message).  And using the delete button does not empty the element parameter eA. 

So how can I empty a selection box? (i know there if another topic but like I said the delete button does not work)

I’m using aimms 4.91


Best answer by Madhu Krishnappa 25 September 2023, 17:01

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Hi @Marc Wingender,


I'm sorry to hear about the problematic experience. However, I'm pleased to inform you that we identified and addressed this issue.

The problem was resolved and included in the AIMMS 4.92.8 release. You can find detailed information about the resolution in the release notes.

Clicking on the ‘closing cross’ of the Selectionbox widget with a one-dimensional parameter gave an unexpected error in recent AIMMS versions.



Madhu Krishnappa
AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

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Thanks Madhu for the shift reply.


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