How to change specific table identifier (checkbox) to a image/button

  • 3 March 2020
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Hello everyone.

We are trying to change a specific identifier in our table to a button that opens a dialog page.

It’s the last column within this table:


However, as you can see in the image, our CSS styling is applying this change to all checkboxes within the table:

.tag-table[data-widget\.uri*="tbl_PlanoOperacional_Tratos"] .cell-wrapper input[type=checkbox][class*=boolean] + span{
background: white url(images/floppy-disk_roxo.png) no-repeat 50%/contain;


We have already tried to change it using annotations, but we weren’t able to make it work out.

Is this possible? Thanks!


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5 replies

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Maybe the answer to my question is the same as we had in another topic:

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 Update: We were able to make it work, but our CSS code is way too hard-coded. It references to the “col9” class that aimms creates to this identifier. If we change the position of this identifier within the table, we’ll lose its format.

.tag-table[data-widget\.uri*="tbl_PlanoOperacional_Tratos"] td[class*=col9] .cell-wrapper input[type=checkbox][class*=boolean] + span {


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Hi @mateusarakawa , did you try the annotation selector before the cell-wrapper ? 


.annotation-showimage .cell-wrapper … 


I did this in my sample project and only the identifier with annotation as showimage is modified via css, not impacted by moving the column/row around. 



This is my code to restrict this only to the identifier with annotation showimage, in table newtable. 


.tag-table[data-widget\.uri="newtable"] .annotation-showimage .cell-wrapper input[type=checkbox][class*=boolean] + span {

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Hi, @mohansx . Thanks, it worked!

Somehow we messed up something when we added the annotation reference to the css file.

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It is not completely clear to me, but is it possible to use this icon/button to trigger a procedure in AIMMS?


Would it be possible with some version of the above to style an icon/button in a table based on some identifier from the model and have AIMMS open another page whenever this icon/button is clicked (where which  page to open is coming also from the model)?


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