How to change the tooltip from a set in a table

  • 7 June 2024
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I want to change the tooltip that appears when the cursor is over the 'codigo_fornecedor' set. The tooltip identifier changes the tooltips of each element in the set, but not the title attribute.


Best answer by Madhu Krishnappa 7 June 2024, 16:41

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Hi @Laura Lessa,   


You can use the predeclared identifier webui::IdentifierTooltip to display a custom tooltip when hovering over these Identifiers.

It's important to note that the value of webui::IdentifierTooltip on an index is what matters (not the value of webui::IdentifierTooltip on the Set which is the range of that index). This means that if a set has two or more indexes, each index can have a different tooltip name based on the string value of webui::IdentifierTooltip applied to that index.


Similarly, through predeclared identifier webui::IdentifierElementText you can apply a custom display text for these Identifiers.

Please refer to this documentation for more details.


Do let us know if this helped.


Madhu Krishnappa


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