How to Create Scatter Plots in WebUI?

  • 22 November 2019
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Dear community,

how can I make scatter plots in WebUI?

I appreciate any help in advance


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5 replies

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Hi @Gergely Vadler you may want to try using a bubble chart to achieve that

Hi @Gergely Vadler 

Was the answer provided able to help you with your question or were you able to find your own solution?


Hi Andrew

It was a general question, not related to a specific problem.

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Hi Gergerly,

By default, the Bubble Chart takes a relative size (and a default size if all node sizes are the same). By adding a WebUI annotation to the node and using this to adjust the node-size for this specific set of nodes via Custom CSS, you can create a scatter plot.

Below you see the same info: Left as Scatter, Right as regular Volume Bubbles. I also attached the project where I added the following as custom css:


circle.annotation-scatter-plot.chart-item.bubble {
r: 3px;
fill: blue;




Thank you very much


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