How to edit multiple cells of a WebUI table?

  • 15 July 2019
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Dear Community,

we want to be able to edit multiple cells of a WebUI table, like using shift or ctrl to celect the cells and later edit them at once. We would like to be able to use copy paste as well. We coundn't find any resources describing a way of enabling these functions. If you know how to do it, or have some helpful resources please share it with us.

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6 replies

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Hello @zoltanlelkesjr , the WebUI table does not support multi cell as of now.
Are you planning to add this feature in the near future?
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Hi, @zoltanlelkesjr .

We are using excel for mutiple edit. So, for each table/context we have an aimms axll library procedure to import/export to/from xlsx.

WebUI Upload and Download widgets allow you to access the excel file within the server.
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Hi @zoltanlelkesjr , just wondering if this thread answered your question, or you found another way? Would you mind to mark the "best answer"? (It helps others understand what to do if they have similar problem.)

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Hi All,


With the 4.86.1 version release we provide Excel Upload/Download support for Table widget.


More details about it is shared here 


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With the AIMMS 4.87.1 Feature Release that we released today, both block editing and copy/paste are now possible in the Table widget (albeit as an Experimental Feature still). For details, please see the documentation.





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