How to find "old-style" WebUI Annotations (and what are they?)

  • 11 November 2019
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In converting a project to the new WebUI, I have encountered these warnings:

Warning: Your model probably contains old-style WebUI annotations. Please consider refactoring your model to use the 'webui::AnnotationsIdentifier' model annotation to specify your annotations.

Warning: Identifier 'Sales_Graphs' possesses the old-style WebUI annotation 'Sales_Graphs_Annotations'.

I have searched for both Sales_Graphs and Sales_Graphs_Annotations and neither exist! 

How can I find these “old-style” annotations and what are they, anyhow?


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What if you search for “_annotations” only? Since the warning is given, I would expect at least one identifier to be present in your model with such a name suffix.

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I have a ton of “_annotations,” @Mischa, so that wouldn’t isolate it.

However, I found it. It is the section Sales Graphs, which gets converted to Sales_Graphs when codified. 

Alas, the annotation style I’m using is required in order to get the Legend widget to be a legend for the line chart. 

Once AIMMS decides to create the line chart with a built-in legend/key (like it is in WinUI), then I won’t have to do this redneck workaround. 

I just wish I didn’t get a warning about something that I have to use because there’s no other way.

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Hi @MathFour , we are somewhat confused about your message that this is needed in combination with the legend. Can you explain or share (part of) your project as we are not sure how these 2 items link. Thanks.



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@Gertjan, y’all are the one that told me how to do it in this community post:

Perhaps my good answer on that thread can help me with this one, now that I look at it in more detail.


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