How to make Gantt Chart task durations read only, while keeping drag-drop enabled?

  • 9 December 2019
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In the app I'm working on, it should be possible to move tasks from one machine to the other, but changing its duration (by clicking on the left or right border of the task) shouldn't be possible.

How to achieve this? 


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2 replies

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Dear Sander,

This should be possible when combining a Start parameter which is updateable (i.e. having no definition in AIMMS) and a Duration parameter which is read-only (i.e. having a definition).

If your duration parameter is conceptually updateable in your model (for example, when it is the result of an optimization), you can create an extra duration parameter to use in the Gantt Chart and which has a definition which is simply defined as the original parameter.


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Nice! It works. Also with the flags parameter.

I have to say I was a bit misled by the yellow box with exclamation mark in the WebUI manual: 



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