How to set parameter to be Read Only?

  • 10 September 2019
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I am having trouble to find where to set my parameter as Read Only.

The most similar from the WinUI Pivot Table functionality was to make my parameter defined then, the user can't change its data inside WebUI.

Is there any other way?

Best answer by mohansx 11 September 2019, 17:11

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2 replies

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Hi @gabiservidone , you can set an identifier (or a slice) to be read only using flags.


Note that a restart of WebUI is required after you create the necessary flags. This will work for other widgets as well, not only table widget. Data of these identifiers cannot be changed from the WebUI but can be updated via a procedure which is not the case if a definition is used, as you already know.
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This is really interesting, thanks!


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