How to show the data resulting from a stochastic program in the WebUI

  • 28 May 2019
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When solving a stochastic program, the results can be accessed using .Stochastic. However, I cannot find this data in the WebUI when trying to make, for example, a table showing the objective value of the stochastic program for each scenario.

My question then, is this: how do I show the values of both Decision Variables and the Objective Function for each scenario, resulting from solving a Stochastic Program?

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Hello @aron.hout , when adding an identifier to a table - you should find the variable.stochastic in the list and add that to the table (See attached screenshot).

Alternatively, you can also create a separate parameter and store the stochastic variable values in that parameter. Say, Var(i, j). Parameter(i, j, IndexStochasticScenarios). Index StochasticScenarios is a predeclared index for the stochastic scenarios set.

solve MathProgram;

Parameter(i, j, IndexStochasticScenarios) := Var.Stochastic(i, j, indexStochasticScenarios)
Thanks, that works!

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