IMM Web UI Deployment Error 3190

  • 11 September 2023
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I am facing the error in deployment of an AIMMSPACK  on AIMMS Web Pro as:

Cannot verify project validity. Session 48f337e8-c168-451e-8a81-0fc460594b5f failed. Error message is: 'Error opening project/Starting up the Aimms project failed [error 3190].'. Check logs for details.

Unable to understand why. Seeking help from fellow AIMMS users.

1 reply

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My guess is that you are loading a lot of data during data initialization during project startup. The verification session during startup has a time limit of 30 seconds. Thus, if your data initialization (or whatever you do during project startup) takes longer than 30 seconds, the verification session will fail. 

Because this is one of the most common problems when publishing AIMMSpacks to AIMMS PRO, we have recently decided to skip this verification run when publishing an AIMMSpack, see


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