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  • 6 February 2020
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Is is possible to add a label to a bar chart widget? 

Looking to this picture, it is not clear if the supply in Hamburg is 68/69.

I would be happy with the following labels: 


(and also the legend would be great)


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4 replies

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A quick reaction, as a kind of ‘half’ solution to this: are you aware of the tooltips? If you hover a bar, the WebUI will show you the accurate value in a tooltip that appears. See this example:



It is also possible to override the default tooltips by your own. This even allows you to use HTML.




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Hi @OlmoVerhagen ,

at this point, your best solution is what is described in your earlier post: the use of a Legend widget. This legend can work for more widgets. See also your earlier post at


Inside the widget is currently not available and we are contemplating how to offer this later this year as we have plans to do a number of updated on the chart widgets. So thanks for providing this feedback. 


Not sure if you noticed, but we are also building a new List Widget that allows you to create a fully custom legend (see This could be handy, and we see that more and more, when you use webui::annotations to color the chart not just based on City, Product, Identifier etc. but also to highlight a certain bar ‘red’ if above a certain threshold. Thus then a bar depend on it’s set value as well as it’s data value (this woud be impossible to do with a standard legend that runs just runs over an index or identifier set). 

Understand, that is still not a legend that is ‘inside’ the widget and it would indeed be nice to have a quick ‘default’ way of mapping the coloring of the chart with the content. So point taken!  


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PS: Sorry, forgot to address. Labels is also in the category of possible improvements for the line and bar chart!

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Hi guys, thanks for your respond. I’m fine with the current way of working with the legend widgets.


However, not showing the numbers above/ in the bars makes the bar chart not very useful at this moment ( in my opinion).

You can get a rough overview, but for the details you will always need an additional table or tooltip.

I mainly use bar charts to create waterfall charts. In that case the most import bars are the changes, which are small most of the times in my use cases. 

The list widget can help, however I think that it will make the pages quite messy.


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