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  • 23 April 2024
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We are in the process of transitioning from WinUI to WebUI. Under WinUI, our users have saved many cases to their laptops or a shared drive. I don’t know why the proserver wasn’t used, but it wasn’t. As we transition to WebUI, though, we’ll need to store cases on the proserver. The question is, how can we move our saved cases to the proserver so they can be accessed in WebUI? I tried copying them but the format is clearly different. It’s doesn’t seem i can just copy the .data file out to a specific folder on the server. How can we move these case files to the server? It doesn’t need to be an ongoing thing. I only need to upload them once.

I appreciate any guidance.


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Dear Robb,

I wanted to bring your attention to the control panel project outlined in the article (, which delves into functionalities related to manipulating files and folders on the Central Storage, or ProServer as it's referred to in your question.

This project illustrates how to download/upload files from/to the server, and the source code is readily available via the provided link. To achieve this, it leverages the capabilities of the PRO library. However, it's worth noting that certain permissions are required to copy files to and from folders. Therefore, it might be prudent to perform these actions using an admin account initially.

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