New WebUI Widget Framework - Part 2

  • 13 July 2021
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Dear Community,

As explained in the previous article New WebUI Widget Framework!, we are working on POCs and we think its time to show a sneak peek into the progress.

Here is a simplified representation of how the new framework would work.

First, as we progressed with the specification we realized that JSON’s can be quite lengthy and scary to look at. So we decided to support the specification in XML as well, which is more concise and readable. 


Second, we are working on integrating our existing features so that you do not have to change anything in your model. Features like:

  1. Custom HTML Tooltips
  2. Item Actions
  3. Annotations defined in the AnnotationsIdentifier layer or the identifier.
  4. Element Texts for Set elements

Third, we are looking at new features that will add value, for eg.

  1. In widget Legends that can be toggled On/Off
  2. Clearer tooltips
  3. X-axis and Y-axis Titles
  4. Data labels in/on the chart plots, eg: in the bars

Here are some screenshots to get a first hand preview.

Chart without Legend
Chart with Legend


Possibility of Scrolling​​​
Custom Tooltips configured

In the next post we will describe how the framework functions with illustrations of the XML and the various steps. 


We hope this article has you intrigued and looking for more. Please let us know what you think in the comments and also if you have any suggestions.


Please feel free to suggest some features that you think will be valuable and we will certainly look at the feasibility.


Thanks you.

Team WebUI

4 replies

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Is it possible for us to use this graphs on dev mode?



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@Madhu Krishnappa maybe you can help with this question?

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Hi @gabriel, Happy to know you are eager to use these graphs.  

Curious to understand what you mean by Dev mode!

The new Combination chart widget being built using our new Widget framework is in its final Sprint getting release ready. We would soon, late Jan’22 make it available for use.

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Hi @gabiservidone,

I’m happy to share that our new Combination Chart Widget (version 1) is released today and available in AIMMS 4.84.1.


Here’s the link to the documentation 


Do try out this widget and let us know for your feedback and suggestions.



Team WebUI.


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