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  • 2 October 2023
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Our app has just been upgraded from AIMMS 4.91 to 4.96 and on startup of the project a pop up appears in the webUI: ‘page naviagtion is currently disabled’. This only happens on the pro cloud platform, not locally in developer mode. When using the navigation workflow there is message: ‘No control session connection, unable to run procedure: [object Object]. 

Does anyone recognize these messages and does know why these occured?


3 replies

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The “Page navigation is currently disabled” message is tightly coupled to an application option for ‘allowNavigation’ that, as far as I know, is mostly manipulated behind the scenes when the WebUI is displaying a Dialog. Navigation is not allowed while displaying dialogs. I don’t think you can even set that option from the model, so it has to be ‘dialog related’.

Is there any chance that your application, when deployed on the cloud, is ever so slightly slower and maybe causes some dialog and/or navigation to show/occur in a different order or at apparently inconvenient times?

The other message suggests to me that the connection to the Widget Server (in the cloud, then) is also not stable and messaging (which of course includes navigation and requests for dialogs to show) might risk not being processed as expected. Potentially also leading to the other issue.

If the problem cannot be reproduced locally, then I think it is also wise to involve Customer Support to troubleshoot this further and with the right, and enough, people involved.

Hope that helps. 

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Hi Edo, thanks for elaborating on this topic, this definitely narrows the search why the issue occured.

In the meantime I was able to reproduce the issue locally (although in a bit different setup than on the cloud - perhaps due to a slightly slower navigation) and with a different user flow the issue has been resolved. 

It is still not entirely clear to me what caused the issue in the first place - but your answer helps for sure.




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Glad to read you managed to proceed, although the reason is not fully clear.

The people at User Support, backed by the development team where needed, are often capable of pinpointing modeling or flow issues. If you remain unhappy with the work-around, do consider the Support route, where your actual model can be taken into account as much as possible.


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