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  • 21 August 2023
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Hi all,

I’ve seen here and there some things mentioned on the following items below, but I lost track on the latest developments. Can someone share a status update on them?

  • Have the capability to specify file decimals per identifier (instead of per widget) ?
  • Support for unit (parameters) in WebUI ?
  • Library support for WebUI , i.e. that some WebUI parts / pages become shareable across different AIMMS apps
  • Visible/hidden option per identifier in widget settings

Depending on this I might post an improvement idea for the backlog.





Best answer by Madhu Krishnappa 22 August 2023, 12:48

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5 replies

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Hi @Joost 

I appreciate your inquiry.

As the Product Owner of AIMMS WebUI, I want to confirm that the features you've mentioned are indeed included in our backlog/roadmap for future development. However, it's important to understand that certain high-priority items currently take precedence in our development roadmap.  For instance, our team is currently dedicated to the development of the Diagram widget. This widget holds great significance for the WebUI, as it empowers users to visually represent and interact with the flow of networks, processes, and more. It's worth highlighting that the Diagram widget brings enhanced capabilities compared to the currently missing WinUI’s Network Object on WebUI.


Here's an update on the features you inquired about:

  1. Capability to Specify Decimals per Identifier (instead of per widget): This feature is indeed in our backlog and will be addressed in due course.

  2. Support for Unit (Parameters) in WebUI: This is also part of our backlog. We are actively coordinating with the Engine team to address the dependencies.

  3. Library Support for WebUI: This is also part of our backlog and is being considered for future development.

  4. Visible/Hidden Option per Identifier in Widget Settings: Similar to the first point, this feature is included in our backlog.

Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions or require additional information.

Best regards,
Madhu Krishappa
AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

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Hi @Madhu Krishnappa , thanks a lot for your answer appreciate it, and curious to learn about the Diagram widget which is a new thing for me, best Joost

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Hi @Madhu Krishnappa  is there an update on topic 1 already? Like the the support for unit parameters in webui! Joost

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Hi @Joost

Thank you for inquiring about the status of this “controls per Identifiers” feature.

I want to assure you that this feature is indeed included in our Roadmap and is among the top priorities.
However, there is currently another feature under development (Support for HTML contents, Items actions on Table header cells) that takes precedence. Additionally, we have another WebUI feature (Improvements to SidePanel and Workflow) that we need to address before we can make significant progress on the Per Identifier Options feature.

Madhu Krishnappa
AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

I would also love to see ability to include webui pages into a library that we can share across projects.  We have a utility code library we already share across projects, and updating the associates webui pages for each app we have is tedious.



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