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  • 17 December 2019
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Hi there!

I was wondering whether the behavior of the select all/select none buttons in e.g. the multiselect widget can be adjusted easily. I often use the search bar to get to a subset of my elements which are relevant for selection, which I would like to (de-) select with one click. I would expect that the select all/none button in this case only affects the subset which matches my search. On the contrary, these buttons are overruling whatever you type in the search bar, applying the (de-) selection on all elements, making it more cumbersome to apply “mass selections” on convenient subsets.

Is this something you are working on?


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Dear Richard,

As far as I am aware, we are not working on this. I do like the suggestion, though, so I have posted a feature request in our internal system.


As a kind of workaround, you could make sure that you populate the multiselect widget with a sub-selection of the total number of possibilities there, instead of relying on the search box alone. For example by displaying only a subset of a masterset in it. Of course I cannot tell how far this applies to your specific situation.


Kind regards,


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Hi @Mischa,

thanks for your reply. Would be great if this will be part of a future release, please keep me posted.

Indeed, we often already use subsets whenever we can, but being able to search for (a part of) the element names in the set would be a great addition!



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Hi @Mischa ,


was wondering if there is anything more known about your feature request.

Especially with larger datasets this could allow you to more easily let an end-user make selections.

Not 100% what @Richard had in mind, but something like what Excel is doing would be an awesome feature:

After typing some items, you can indicate you want to select just all of the current search results, or that you want to add the current selection to the existing filter.

Not sure how easy this is?


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