Shift Tasks in a Gantt Chart

  • 11 March 2020
  • 2 replies

I have the following Gantt Chart (see Figure 1) that starts on the current date.

Figure 1

I would like to shift the tasks to the past by a “x” amount of minutes/hours, which is simple to do. Nevertheless, when I shift, I get the following chart (see Figure 2):

Figure 2

Notice that in Figure 2 some tasks stay over the the y axis. I would like the part that goes over the axis to stay behind it.

Any comments on this issue?

Many thanks!



2 replies

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@Leonardo Salsano de Assis , do the overlaid jobs revert to normal if you refresh your page ?

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Hi Leonardo!


That looks strange indeed. I was wondering whether you are aware of the 3 options that you can specify in the Gantt Chart tab of the Gantt Chart options editor. There is a reference time, a viewport start time and a viewport end time. Did you adjust these values too? If not, I would suggest to do so and to try out the effect.


Hope this helps,



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