Updated Traveling Salesman Example!

  • 2 March 2023
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Updated Traveling Salesman Example!
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Hello Everyone!

One more renewed example is live! Come check!


The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is the problem of finding the shortest route visiting all cities precisely once. Given are the distances between the cities.

TSP problems are widely studied in the scientific literature because:

  • they are notoriously difficult to solve to optimality (NP-Hard),
  • there is a wide range of applications, and
  • there are various approaches of solving the problem.

This example is structured as follows:

  • The page "Network" permits you define your own network.

You can use the data manager (icon data manager) to save and load instances. Two cases come with this example.

Distances are estimated using the Haversine formula.

  • The page "Heuristic" illustrates three different heuristics to solve a TSP.
  • The page "Exact" shows how a MIP can be used to solve a TSP.
  • The page "Comparison" compare total distance and execution time for each solve.

Each of the above pages comes with a HELP side-panel, explaining how to operate that page.


You can find the full example app here.

Feel free to use this thread to anything you need about this example.

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