WebUI Dynamic Arc Width - how does it work?

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In the map widget there is the option to set Dynamic Arc Width, could you explain a bit more on how it works? E.g. like is it a min-max scaler?


Background for asking is that in small examples/models it works reasonably well, but in ‘bigger’ examples it flattens out a lot and the arc sizes are in our case not really visually differentiating.


If we understand a bit more behind the scaling, we could maybe make some fine-tuning to get the visual representation we would like to see.


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Hey @Joost !

This image shows what happens when using the dynamic width. I am not sure how exactly the calculations go, but if your arc has value, it will use the maxmium and minimum values of the parameter to calculate the width.  

So for instance, if you have 3 arcs: 1, 10, 100, the 10 arc will may be as thin as 1, since it is comparing 1 and 10 to 100. Now if, as the screenshot, all values are around 10, than you can clearly see a difference between 3.4 and 14.9.  

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Thanks @gabiservidone for the answer, I get the gist of it

There is afaik no option to change the max width of the arrow like you could do in the map widget in the winui ? As least for us such an extra attribute in the map widget would help.

E.g. a min and max pixel value underneath the toggle dynamic arc width


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I understand what you mean, but for now this feature is not there. Please feel free to add a new idea in our Ideation board


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