Advanced Modules Workshop - Haarlem - May 21 and 22 (for free if you subscribed to a Developers License)

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Come join our Advanced Modules (2 days) Workshop.

Haarlem - May 21 and 22 (just before the AIMMS Summit)

@Chris Kuip will talk, teach and explain about a lot of the more advanced things you can 'do' with AIMMS.
Like: Solving and manipulating mathematical programming instances, Unit testing, DB + filtering, error handling, execution efficiency ... and more ...

Check here

If you have subscribed to a Developers License in 2018/2019 this training is for FREE.

Interested? leave a reply here and we will reach out to you! We still have 4 open spots!

If you are new to AIMMS and bought your first license, we also offer basic trainings. Check here.

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