AIMMS 4.88 - AIMMS PRO 2.44 (on-premise installation)

  • 29 August 2022
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AIMMS 4.88 - AIMMS PRO 2.44 (on-premise installation)
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This or next week, AIMMS 4.88 will be released (our goal is a September 1-release).

You are receiving this email because you (or one of your customers) are using an on-premise installation of AIMMS PRO to deploy AIMMS applications.


For applications that are or will be built with AIMMS 4.88 (or future versions) to be published on PRO, it is necessary to update AIMMS PRO (on-premise) to version 2.44, released July 15.


It might also affect some Repository Libraries, but that will be solved 'automatically' when you open the model in AIMMS 4.88 (or future versions).

If you open the model in AIMMS 4.88 (or future versions) before publishing, the Autolib will find the supported version for all repository libraries in the model and will show a pop-up that versions have been updated, and you need to save the model. Only when the model used a very old version ( <1.0.0) of the Unit Test Library, some incompatibility may arise because an identifier 's' is no longer available.



We have changed the underlying build configuration of our C++ code to move faster to new technologies. This upgrade does not affect the functionality of any product of AIMMS. Still, due to unavoidable name changes of some of the binaries we release with AIMMS, older versions of PRO and repository libraries are no longer compatible. This adjustment will improve the robustness and maintainability of our code.



We try to reach as many users of AIMMS PRO (on-premise) as possible via this email. Feel free to forward this email to a colleague. Thanks.

Our team will take care of the upgrade to AIMMS PRO 2.44 for users of the AIMMS Cloud Platform.


As always, we can be reached at or via the here at the Online Community



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