AIMMS Academy Course: Data modeling for linear programming

AIMMS Academy Course: Data modeling for linear programming
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AIMMS Academy has added a new course in the Foundations series!

Foundations 201: Data modeling for linear programming

This course covers how to solve LP problems with the model and data separated.

This approach allows you to:

  • Keep the structure of the model invariant.
  • Provide flexibility so that changes in the data are easily handled. 

In this course, the distribution problem of "Foundations 101: Introduction to Linear Programming" is extended in two steps:

  1. First, the model is extended to deliver pallets of bottled water to more destinations.
  2. Second, the model is extended with multiple bottling locations.

The goals of this training include:

  1. Learn the notation to separate model and data.
  2. Use AIMMS Developer to read data and solve the problem.
  3. Present tables containing both the data and the solution in the WebUI.

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