AIMMS Greatest Hits of 2022!

  • 2 February 2023
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AIMMS Greatest Hits of 2022!
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🚀 2022 Releases

2022 Releases

Hello AIMMS rockers, it’s time again to bring you the best of our releases from the past year!

Our rock-stars on the Product team had lots of feature releases with schwing-worthy don’t forget to check the full release notes for even more AIMMS action.



🌐Supply Chain Apps

Supply Chain Apps

New reports and visualizations, expanded data types, and better data experience...

SC Navigator apps

  • The Excel Upload/Download feature for table widgets is now available for all SC apps.

Network Design

  • New use cases added for Custom Costs and Custom Objectives, including: Refundable Taxes, End-to-End throughout times, Carbon Constraints per Geography/Activity Type/Mode of Transport.

  • New types of Rate Cards are introduced: Supplier, Resource, and Lane Rate Cards. For Rate Cards, new types of cost are introduced: Fixed Cost Per Trip, Minimum Cost Per Trip, and Cost Per Distance.

  • Two new options for Transport Data have been added: Base Case Lanes and Base Case Volume.

  • We improved the method for selecting multiple scenarios to compare.

You can find more info about all of these at

🤓End-User Experience

End-User Experience

WebUI improvements abound...

Header Sorting in WebUI Table Widget

It is now possible to sort the row and the column headers. You can sort exactly one of these headers now, in ascending, descending or “default” order (meaning the set order as prescribed in the underlying AIMMS model).

WebUI: Advanced Table Editing

We offer support for Block Selection, Block Editing, and Copy/Paste in the WebUI Table widget, and we added the ability to Search and Find data in the Table.

Excel Upload/Download Support for WebUI Tables

We introduced the feature to Download Excel data from a WebUI Table and to upload Excel data into a WebUI Table.

WebUI: New Way of Theming Apps

In the WebUI, we offer you a whole new way of theming your apps. It is simpler to apply than the current custom CSS possibilities. By specifying values for selected pre-defined variables, you can easily change the appearance of your WebUI apps using the new theming feature.

📚Input Data

Input Data

Handling your modeling data gets a little easier...

Debugger Break on Error

In the Debugger menu there is a new command “Break on Error”. If this command is checked, then whenever an error is triggered during the execution of a statement, the debugger automatically breaks on that statement. This allows you to more easily inspect the cause of an execution error.

Runtime Quantities and Units creation

It is possible to create both Quantities and Units during runtime using the AIMMS Model Edit functions. This adds even more flexibility in creating your models.

New Function: SetAsString

We introduced a new function ‘SetAsString’ in the AIMMS language. It returns a string representation of a set.

🤖Analytics Workflows

Analytics Workflows

Easier security and deployment, and new ways of calling AIMMS services...

OAuth support for WebUI on PRO/Cloud

We added support for using the OAuth authorization included in DEX on on-premise PRO servers/Cloud platform

PRO Support for CmakeConan AIMMS Versions

We’ve added this support for both Cloud and On-Premise deployment types.

App Publishing REST API for Azure Cloud

Added category support to App Publishing REST API. It is now possible to assign or update App category using category name when publishing or updating an App via REST API.

CPLEX Parallel Solve on Cloud

CPLEX Parallel Solve is now available on the AIMMS Cloud Platform. For large-scale scenario comparisons this may offer big solve time savings. 


An extension to the AIMMS PRO REST API which allows users to perform CRUD operations on DEX-exposed tasks.

PRO REST API: Independent Tasks

Tasks are further separated from solver sessions such that Tasks will get their own CPU and memory limits, concurrent tasks limit and solver string (i.e. solvers that can be selected for Tasks).


  • Initial release of the REST API client generator from OpenAPI specification files
  • Creation of OpenAPI specifications for model-based REST APIs

💣Optimization Power

Optimization Power

New solvers, better debugging, and more flexible modeling features...

COPT Linear Solver

The new linear solver COPT has been added. COPT can be used to solve LP and MIP problems, as well as convex QP and QCP problems. COPT is developed by Cardinal Operations.

Knitro Upgrade

We updated the Knitro solver to version 13.1. A major improvement in this version is the parallel implementation of the branch-and-bound algorithm.

New Solver: Octeract

The new global solver Octeract has been added. It can be used to find a global optimal solution for NLP, MINLP and non-convex quadratic or quadratically constrained problems and it can handle models with trigonometric functions.

Find complete details in the usual places: 


And you can look forward to plenty more chart-toppers in 2023!


Didn’t get enough of a good thing yet? Have a look at our new roadmap article:


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