AIMMS Workshop & Tutorial at INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

  • 17 February 2022
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AIMMS Workshop & Tutorial at INFORMS Business Analytics Conference
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Find us at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference!

Houston, TX | April 3-5, 2022


AIMMS Workshop 

From Supply Chain Design to Production Planning 

April 3, 2022
1-2:45pm CST


In this workshop, you will learn to tackle different supply chain problems using mathematical optimization and scenario modeling.

We will cover 3 use cases: Supply Chain Design, Integrated Business Planning and Production Scheduling.  

  1. Supply Chain Network Design  Discover a systematic approach to determine the optimal size, location and flows between the nodes of your supply chain, using advanced mathematical modelling. 
  2. Supply Chain Planning using IBP  Work out the optimal solution to meet projected demand in a cost-effective way. Gauge the potential implications of decisions by running scenarios to test assumptions, understand risks and create more business transparency. 
  3. Bespoke Production Scheduling  Translate your plans into a daily production schedule. Find out how you can achieve this with a bespoke application that is designed based on your specific business variables, such as change-over time. 

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AIMMS Tutorial 

Supply Chain Network Design with Scenario Modeling and Center of Gravity 

Monday, April 4, 2022
1:50-2:40pm CST


Systematically solve strategic supply chain problems using AIMMS Network Design. You will learn how to run multiple scenarios to expose hidden opportunities and risks in your network.

You will also understand how to optimize its flows, resource capacities, locations, and overall supply chain footprint.

On top of that, you will learn to use Center of Gravity analyses to provide new candidate DC locations based on existing demand and supply. 

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