Community Ideation Summary 2022

  • 2 February 2023
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Community Ideation Summary 2022
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Community Ideation Summary

Hi folks!

I’m happy to share with you that, last year, our development team delivered 9 of your ideas submitted on this community. These 9 ideas together had 34 user votes.

And, there are also 21 community ideas on the product team's backlog or currently in development.

Thanks to all who submitted their ideas and comments - we look forward to seeing more of your ideas this year!


2022 Community Ideas at a Glance

Ideas created by users: 7

Votes added by users: 39

User Ideas delivered by product team: 9


Community ideas delivered in 2022


And, if you’re not familiar with our Ideas page, read on below…


What is the Ideation Forum?

The Community Ideation forum is a channel open to our customers and partners that helps bring "feature requests" and "wishlist items" into a discussion with the product team and other users.

Traditionally, this has been done via tickets to support or in meetings with customer success. However, using the community platform has some additional benefits, for both AIMMS users and AIMMS product team.

You can submit your product ideas, discuss use cases, vote on others’ ideas, and get updates about the development status of submitted ideas.


The Ideation Process

While the number of votes is only one factor the development team considers when choosing features to work on, your votes and feedback are important.

It's an easy way to assess items that would be valuable to many users, and it saves time that users don't have to individually compile their reasons for why they need such a feature - often someone else has done at least part of the job for you. And, of course, sometimes you don't know you need something until someone else puts it in words!

You may also notice that some of our user ideas are posted by AIMMSians. This is usually when a user is not able to join the discussion publicly, but can still benefit from their idea being shared and discussed with others.

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