Consolidating _tooltips, _flags and _text identifiers into Identifier Annotations

  • 20 December 2019
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I want to let you know that we are in the process of consolidation the mentioned identifiers to specify e.g. the readonly flag, define a tooltip, or the text in a Gantt char item, will receive it’s own annotation in the identifier specification. This is a more elegant way and will make the model more flexible with respect to choosing which identifiers should be the annotations (and name those to your liking). In addition, it will make it clearly inside a Identifier declaration with annotations exist. We expect to release this in 4.71 (our first release in 2020 :grinning:).



The new model Annotations that will be added to support this WebUI behavior:


In the model, this will be represented as follows (as you can see, the annotation can be of a lesser dimension then the identifier itself):


IMPORTANT: This also means that the old style will receive the status deprecated as of 4.71. The specification by _flags, _tooltips, _annotations and _text will be removed in a future release and we therefore advise you to adjust your models as soon as possible once we release this.

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