Input Needed: New How-to Example Structure

  • 9 June 2022
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Input Needed: New How-to Example Structure
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Hey community! 

Hope everyone is doing fine! I come with great news! We are on the process of updating the AIMMS examples, from the app itseft (development/features) to more detailed information on the How-to page. 

Main changes are:

  • How-to now will have standard topics such as:
    • Story
    • Mathematical Model
    • Language
    • WebUI Features
    • UI Styling
    • Minimal Requirements
  • Each page will have 3 shields:
    • One with the Github ZIP link
    • One with the Github repository link
    • One indicating if the example is on WebUI or WinUI
  • Main Example github repo is going to slowlly be disagreggated. Each example/AIMMS project will have their own github repository. 

Remember that you can fork any repository from our Github! 


The first example updated was the Contract Allocation! It is ready for you to look around and learn from it!


Let’s choose the next one? 

3 replies

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Suggestion: Wonderful WebUI Widgets has a nice knapsack example. Maybe a merge?

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WWW is already in the process! Probably it will be the next release! 

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Awesome folks ! 🙂 Looking forward !


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