Meet Alberta Au-Yeung, a new contact for License support

  • 28 October 2019
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Meet Alberta Au-Yeung, a new contact for License support
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Do you have questions about your AIMMS license? Meet Alberta, our new colleague in License & Sales Support.

Alberta is originally from Hong Kong. She has a background in finance and IT. We spoke with her to learn more about what drew her to AIMMS and what she finds exciting about working here. 

Alberta, can you tell us a bit more about your background? 

Before joining AIMMS, I worked in sales and support roles at a few companies. In Hong Kong, I worked for a company that develops an ERP system and I worked closely with customers to ensure a smooth implementation of the system. I provided training and delivered support, from the start to the go-live and after launch. 

After I moved to the Netherlands, I worked for, supporting accommodation owners to get their business going. I also took care of the sales administration for a plastic recycling company. This is very close to what I do now at AIMMS. 

What brought you to the Netherlands?  

 I met my husband, who is Dutch, in Hong Kong. I really liked the Netherlands, so we stayed. 

Why did you choose AIMMS? 

Part of it was the Holacracy Culture. This company values their people and trusts them to use their own way of working and fulfill their responsibility. Until joining AIMMS, I worked for more traditional companies with a strong hierarchy. I was not able to bring in new ideas or new perspectives. 

AIMMS is also an international company, with a Dutch backbone but with an international atmosphere. 

I was also looking for a company that offers a way to further develop my skills and the AIMMS University and other training programs fit this goal well.   

What skills and interests are you looking forward to developing further at AIMMS? 

Extra problem-solving skills are what I like to develop. Commercial and sales skills, I would like to develop them as well. I have some experience in sales, in retail, but Business to Business is new to me.  

What do you like most about your role? 

I like to help colleagues and customers; this job allows me to be in touch with them and help out all the time. Supporting them fulfills me and I have come to appreciate all the customers and AIMMSians I work with. 

What are the strongest first impressions of working at AIMMS? 

AIMMS is a very open company that allows me to speak up and process my tensions, everybody is very supportive. Problems are quickly solved. 

And what do you do on your spare time? 

I love cooking and traveling. My favorite destination is Thailand, because of the food and the nice people. Not to mention it’s still very affordable. Fun fact: I got married in Thailand as well. 

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