New Error Handling Course Now Available on AIMMS Academy

  • 15 February 2021
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New Error Handling Course Now Available on AIMMS Academy
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We are happy to announce that a new Error Handling course is now available on AIMMS Academy

In software development, errors inevitably occur. Whether it’s typos during interaction, erroneous input, coding errors, or externally caused issues, such as a broken internet connection. 

Did you know AIMMS has built-in features that allow you to diagnose and handle errors? The course teaches you to use these features, so you can provide easy-to-use applications for end users. Sometimes, just knowing how to communicate the error can reduce a lot of friction in an app. Applications with extensive diagnostics and careful and consistent error handling make users feel in control.

Sign up for the course and follow it at your convenience. If you have questions about the training, feel free to contact its creator, @Chris Kuip.

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