New Execution Efficiency Master Course on AIMMS Academy

  • 26 July 2021
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New Execution Efficiency Master Course on AIMMS Academy
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Are you looking to improve the execution efficiency and overall performance of your AIMMS apps? Then this new master course is for you! 

As you know, your model computes:  

  • the coefficients used in the mathematical program, and 
  • the values shown in an end-user interface after solving a mathematical program. 

The way these computations are formulated in your model impacts its overall performance. 

This course consists of two pillars: 

  1. A theoretical pillar that explains how AIMMS’ data structures are designed and how sparsity in data is used in computations. 

  1. A practical pillar where you change code in hands-on exercises to improve execution efficiency. You'll find, in some cases, that a different formulation can be a hundred times faster. 

Enroll today! For questions, please connect with @Chris Kuip, the course’s creator. 

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