New leadership transition at AIMMS

  • 22 April 2021
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New leadership transition at AIMMS
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Dear Community,

I’m pleased to announce that as of April 1, I have turned over my leadership roles at AIMMS to a team of experienced colleagues with whom I have been closely working together for many years. As non-executive board member and shareholder, I will continue to steward AIMMS towards expressing our purpose, living our values, and unleashing our full potential. 

Last October, I shared my intention to hand-off my leadership roles. As a follow-up, a group of experienced AIMMSians ran a project to determine the best way forward, ensuring continuity and a seamless transition.

The team that is taking over my roles is more than ready to do so. Many of you have known them for quite some time. Key strategy and product roles are led by Gertjan de Lange and Marcel RoelofsPatrick Donders is responsible for Customer Success. Sergi Asensi leads new Customer and Partner Acquisition. Laura van Dijken oversees Marketing and Communications. Pauline Nobel heads up HR. Jan-Willem van Crevel is taking on the newly created role of Operational Excellence in addition to leading AIMMS’ Product Development, and Jolanda van Kolfschoten is responsible for Finance in an expanded role.

Building on what we have already accomplished, this experienced team will work with all of you to strengthen our relationship with a dedicated, long-term mindset. I feel blessed that we have such a strong team to lead AIMMS and that I can move to a more distant stewardship role.

It has been an honor and a joy to serve you through my leadership roles at AIMMS, over the past 17 years. I am grateful for the trust you put in us. AIMMS’ team stays fully committed to keep on earning your trust, and to work with you on your future success.

Warm regards,



3 replies

Thanks for your collaboration Gijs in the past 17 years. You can be proud of the guidance, strategy and innovation Aimms is providing to the supply chain community. Great performance with an eye on people.

we keep in touch!



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Wow, 17 years already, time sure flies.


Can only say a very big “Thank You!” for everything you have done not only for AIMMS, but also for me at the start of my career!

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Thank you Gijs! It is my honor to have you as my leader and mentor, to shape my attitude towards career and life. 

Best wishes to the next part journey of your life!


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