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New WebUI Advanced User Interaction Course on Academy

  • 6 April 2021
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New WebUI Advanced User Interaction Course on Academy
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Hi Community ! 

We have a new WebUI course available on AIMMS Academy. This course provides an overview of the most important visual design elements in our WebUI, allowing you to create a great user experience for your AIMMS apps. The course was developed with our partners at UniSomaGabriela Servidone and Rodrigo Mendonça

In this course, you will learn to: 

  • Customize the UI in your web application to make it unique for your organization and customer. 
  • Create workflows
  • Use the Status Bar, Side Panels, List Widgets, and Dialog Pages
  • Configure the layout of a WebUI page with Grid Pages and Page Layouts
  • Trigger a procedure using Widget and Page Actions

We hope you and your team enjoy the course!

Sign up for the course


Would you like to share an idea for a course to develop on AIMMS Academy ? Tell us more in the comments!

A big thanks to Unisoma for their contribution to the community :thumbsup:


2 replies

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Thank you Arthur for the great opportunity!

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Congrats Arthur, Gabi and Rodrigo, looking forward to learning from it. Proud of you guys.


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