Welcoming Aanand Pandey to AIMMS!

  • 13 August 2019
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Welcoming Aanand Pandey to AIMMS!
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We believe our customers should be fully empowered to improve their company's strategy and operations. That's why we create training programs and provide dedicated support to help organizations every step of the way. We're pleased to welcome Aanand Pandey as the newest member of our support team.

Aanand has a background in both engineering and supply chain studies, as well as practical experience in business matters and programming. We welcome him to AIMMS in the role of Supply Chain Analyst and End User Support.

What attracted you to pursuing a job at AIMMS?
There are 2 things I value in my career: technology and working with people. This position at AIMMS is right in the middle of those 2 things.

Part of my job will be to work with prospective customers, on the tech side, to ensure that the apps can deliver what they want. Another part will be taking customer needs and working with development to ensure that our tech and product really follow those needs.

It means I’ll get the chance to work on the tech side, and also to interact with a lot of customers and prospects and help fulfill their needs. My education led me to working with business needs that are specific to supply chain.

What skills and interests are you looking forward to developing further at AIMMS?
I’m very interested in developing apps, though I’m not an expert at this point. I’ve worked with Python and studied mathematics, so I look forward to putting it into practice. I’m also interested in seeing the “real life” effects of supply chain solutions and decisions.

What are the strongest first impressions of working at AIMMS?
The work culture is refreshing – from day one, everyone’s been very supportive, friendly, and open to giving help. Part of it comes down to the Holacracy system. I feel a sense of freedom and being part of a community where everyone can put their ideas forward but also trust each other to make decisions.

The technology itself is also impressive. I see the value of it more and more every day. For example, I sat in on a call with a customer who was working through a network and transport problem for very time-sensitive shipments. They need to get the equipment to the customers as quickly as possible, because it could be a matter of life and death. So it’s not just the technology or software itself that we’re concerned with, but what it can do to help people.

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