Welcoming Andrew Ong!

  • 11 December 2019
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Welcoming Andrew Ong!
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We are happy to welcome Andrew Ong, our newest AIMMS Support Team member!

He will be focusing on PRO, Cloud and licensing support, and will be a Community moderator. 

Andrew focused on Technology and Computer Science in his studies, and has experience in IT support. He's a Pacific Northwest native. He likes outdoors activities like hiking and snowboarding, and enjoys going to concerts. He also loves to travel, and even spent a few years living in Korea when he was in high school.

We spoke to him about his first impressions of his new role at AIMMS.


What brought you to this role at AIMMS? 

I was just interested in the role itself, since it seemed like a good fit for my background. But now I understand what is special about the company. I like that AIMMS operates on the Holacracy model. It promotes independence, but also accountability. 


What are some first impressions of working here? 

For one thing, the company is relatively small, so it gives a sense of closeness among colleagues. I feel connected.

I also like the flexible environment. You're responsible for getting your work done and managing your time, but there aren't strict schedules. It's not a typical 9 to 5 job. 


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