What makes you want to use AIMMS?

  • 20 February 2020
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Dear community members, users of AIMMS,


We are always curious to know why our users use AIMMS. So a simple question for you that I hope you can answer and let us and other community members know:

  • What makes you want to use AIMMS (and not other tools)?

Understandably this is a very open question, any answer is good (long, short). Of course, it always help to give context.

4 replies

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  • We can build up optimization models really quickly. We can even test new approaches on the fly during a hands on meeting with the customers.
  • Focused on optimization: features like index domain, math program inspector, units conversion, generic interface with different solvers, parameters calculation performance are top notch in this regard.
  • Software release and deploy are quite easy and quick as well.
  • Integrated “back and front end”. We do have more limitations with this concept, but currently, with new webUI features, it pays off.
  • At last but not least, AIMMS support and relationship with customers and partners.
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Fast, agile and powerful!

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  • Easy to quickly build a model including user interface (‘rapid prototyping’)
  • Easy to build models with a small team (e.g. no separate back end/front end developers needed)
  • Flexible, can support a lot of use cases
  • Functionalities for database interaction (e.g. CDM)
  • Short lines of communication, willingness to work together to improve
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We use aimms for a number of reasons.

Perhaps one of the most important one is based on the relationship we have with AIMMS. Working in close contact with aimms gives us the opportunity to influence the development roadmap of AIMMS and get support on existing functionality when needed, both to increase customer satisfaction.

It give us a flexible modeling language which we can apply in a broad spectrum of businesses

It enables us to building and modify (experiment with different approaches) optimization models very quickly. And is the easiest way to unlock the power of solvers. 



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