Why we started the AIMMS Online Community

  • 13 March 2019
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Why we started the AIMMS Online Community
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Why we started the AIMMS Online Community

It’s been three decades since AIMMS was founded. Throughout the years, we’ve had a very close relationship with our users. Many of them have contributed to build and improve our product.

From creating schedules for their children’s school to optimizing country-wide power grids and designing flights routes for those in need. We’re reminded of all the impactful things our users achieve with AIMMS every day and we’ve discovered that they can be quite passionate about our software.

Our Online Community was the logical next step to bring AIMMS enthusiasts together.

A place that supports you in your optimization journey

Applying optimization is a journey. From time to time, there will be moments where you could use help or inspiration. We find that our users are increasingly asking for documentation, use cases and best practices. They also want to hear what other customers are doing and want to share their know-how with peers. Our Online Community makes this collective intelligence available to make your optimization journey as valuable and enjoyable as it should be.

You’ll find frequently asked questions, how-tos, tutorials, and other useful information here.

A place you can access 24/7

Another key need we address with this space is ongoing availability, regardless of the time of day. AIMMS is growing internationally and a lot of our users have flexible work schedules. Waiting for support outside business hours can be inconvenient. Others may already have the answers you seek. Our Online Community helps you find them faster.

Get answers faster

Though there are times when a private support message is needed, sometimes you can get answers you need from another AIMMS user. Posting in a forum monitored by AIMMS Support reps and experts is an easy way to ask questions and share your feedback with our team.

Share ideas with developers

Last but certainly not least, we want our product improvements to be fueled by conversation. We often get feedback and suggestions from our user community and wanted to collect that feedback and facilitate a two-way dialogue. Your input can go a long way to help us prioritize the right improvements in the next build.

Join the conversation!

We invited a small group of users who have been long-acquainted with AIMMS in the past few weeks and collected very valuable feedback and input for our Online Community. Today, we’re very happy to open this space to all as we mark our 30th anniversary! Please dive in and let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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