DIY or How to get things going with AIMMS

  • 19 April 2019
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DIY or How to get things going with AIMMS
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There are so many ways to get started with AIMMS!

Watch customer video testimonials in the context of their business

You can ask for a free trial license
(Please mind that requests for a trial are approved or disapproved by our sales team)

Visit our Getting Started page

A nice way to get familiar with AIMMS Developer is the One Hour Tutorial. Here you can watch some Webinars and Tutorials

And if you are up for it, you may want to follow our Tutorial for Professionals

If you want to get familiar with the technology of our product

Please use our manuals if you start developing.

And maybe you can make use of these examples to get you going.

And please find use case best practices with a whole chapter about Data Connection

If this doesn't work for you ...

Please consider the following training options. Note: If you are new to modeling, then you should consider the AIMMS foundational training (4 days). If you are already familiar with mathematical modeling, then the standard 2 day workshop will suffice.

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Please also see this post: Tutorial for Beginners!




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