DIY or How to get things going with AIMMS

  • 19 April 2019
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DIY or How to get things going with AIMMS
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We’ve got plenty of resources to get you started with AIMMS!


Get started:

  • Please visit the AIMMS Academy and register to enroll all different type of courses! They are all FREE!
  • To discover the power of AIMMS, watch this 30 minute video.

Speed up:

  • Use existing project examples to speed up your development
  • Find tips and best practices on our How-To pages
  • Go to our documentation website for
    • References such as the User’s Guide, Function Reference, Language Reference, and Modeling Guide
    • Documentation for WebUI and AIMMS PRO
    • Release notes for AIMMS and AIMMS PRO
    • Product specifications
    • Solvers information


Become an expert:


Stay informed:

  • Visit our Support website to
    • Further explore our products
    • Find out about scheduled workshops
    • Read about new features
    • Learn about types of licenses


3 replies

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Please also see this post: Tutorial for Beginners!





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If you're looking to enhance your AIMMS skills post-onboarding, feel free to download the AIMMS Community Edition.

This license comes at no cost and is ideal for non-commercial projects.




We have a few courses available where they can accelerate their knowledge on AIMMS.


Modeling with AIMMS

This trail of courses is for newcomers that wants to understand how to create a model in AIMMS. Here you will also learn how to import data, and how to create a simple user interface.

A beginners course that does not require any prerequisites.


User Interface with AIMMS

This trail of courses is all about user interface. Here you create an application using and understanding all widgets available in WebUI.


Other Courses


Feel free to explore what is available in the platform.


How-To/Documentation webpages


We have many how-to pages that can help in understanding different aspects of AIMMS development.

I like working from examples, with a more hands-on/practical approach, so these suggestions are in line with that idea.




Some great examples are available to download and learn – they are open sourced.

We also accompany a nice description of the model/code implementation.


I will point out the more recent ones that utilize a more interesting/advanced WebUI interface:


Contract allocation


Wonderful WebUI Widgets


Knapsack problem


Employee scheduling


Demand forecating




Traveling Salesman



General documentation can also be found here: https://documentation.aimms.com/

You can also find links to user guide, language reference and modelling guide from these pages.


Our online community

We also have an online community, which provides a great place to Q&A. There are additional interesting posts concerning newest developments, ideation (you can even suggest ideas for new functionality in our products) and general discussions on related topics.

You can find it at https://community.aimms.com


Guide of starters

There is a nice post to help anyone that is just starting at AIMMS (has some tips and tricks) by one of my colleagues.



Reforestation challenge

We also have a Reforestation Modelling Challenge which can be a way to create a solution and share so other can evaluate the implementation.


A nice option after you have done the basic training and want to put it into practice.



Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching on our documentation pages:

AIMMS Developer & PRO | AIMMS How-To | AIMMS SC Navigator