Help! Optimization Model with multiple products and multi objectives

  • 22 August 2023
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Hello all together,

Unfortunately I am a complete AIMMS beginner and can't get any further on my own.
Can someone please help me to build this model (I have only the Academic License):

Four products can be produced in a total of 10 locations (but not every product can be produced in every location).

All products should then be transported to a fixed location.

3 objective functions are to be considered simultaneously with different weights (minimize production costs, minimize CO2 emissions during production, maximize social impact due to production at each location).

A few constraints should be taken into account, e.g. if 2 products come from the same location, the transport costs should be reduced, etc.


This model should answer the question: how much of which product should be produced in which location?


Thanks for your help!


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Hello Eddy!

I would suggest you take a look at some resources to get aquainted with AIMMS. I am confident you can implement this model and get the results you need.


  1. Academy

You can do some of our free e-learning courses. I would start with the F101 and F201. They are similar with yours:

  1. How-to

Our how-to has an introduction section that can help as well:


  1. Introduction videos from Alvaro

There is a nice series of videos from Professor Álvaro García Sánchez introducing AIMMS.


I wish you the best of luck in your learning path! 


Best regards


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