Product Update - April 2020

  • 22 April 2020
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Product Update - April 2020: AIMMS 4.73 coming soon, new features in S&OP Navigator


This post is an archive of the Product Update email sent by AIMMS Product Owner, @Gertjan de Lange.


I hope this email finds you in good health. We have some exciting releases lined up.

AIMMS 4.73 coming soon with new features, including Map extensions

As I mentioned in last month's update, we are working on some exciting Map widget extensions and are close to releasing these in AIMMS 4.73. Soon, you will be able to add a heat map, color and store focus arcs, icons to nodes, create tooltips, and more! For details, check out this post.

Item Actions on the Map widget

We are adding Item Actions to widgets in a right-click context menu, starting with the Map widget and the Table widget soon after. This feature allows you to define a set of item actions based on the identifier name. It's similar to the Widget Actions feature. Item Actions allow you to target a specific part of the data with custom actions. Using this in combination with Store Focus gives you even more control. Other widgets will follow. Stay tuned! 

Adding model annotation support for an UponChange procedure 

Just as we enabled you to create model annotations for flags, tooltips and such, you will be able to specify an UponChange procedure that will run if an identifier changes a value in the WebUI. This allows you to use the same procedure for multiple identifiers, instead of creating one for each identifier. 

Math Program Inspector, and support for Infeasible Solutions  

In the upcoming 4.73 release, the Irreducible Inconsistent System (IIS) will be retrieved from the solver by default, if this action is selected in the Math Program Inspector. In previous versions, an algorithm implemented in AIMMS was used. This new feature offers several advantages, including speed. For models with integer variables, it also retrieves the IIS if the infeasibility is triggered by the integrality of some of the variables.  

IBP support coming soon to S&OP Navigator 

We are developing new functionality for S&OP Navigator to support Integrated Business Planning (IBP), as defined by Oliver Wight. So far, we have built features to support the new product introduction process. The ‘Product Management’ process allows the user to create projects for new products and manage each project through different stages, from idea to business case, development, test & value, and launch. The user can create new products and define expected demand and resource requirements, allowing for impact assessments in the supply review stage.

We are also significantly enhancing the scenario management capability in the app. Users will be able define multiple demand scenarios that can then be assessed and ultimately saved for review and comparison. For both demand and supply, this is achieved through the creation of vulnerabilities and opportunities that can then be applied, in any combination, to the base plan. This is illustrated in the process flow below.

What makes you want to use AIMMS?

We have received a number of responses already in our Online Community and would love to hear from you! Share your input here

Please let me know if this update was useful in the comments below. 

Gertjan de Lange
Product Owner

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