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This product update will dive a little deeper into the new REST Service for managing apps about which we informed you in an earlier product update.

What is this service?

This REST service offers ‘CRUD’ (Create Read Update Delete) on apps in your PRO Platform. In other words: publish apps, update apps, delete apps and list published apps and their details.

Why did we build it?

We built this to enable automated app management, typically to enable Continuous Deployment (CD) flows.

How do we envisage this will be used?

Knowing the creativity of AIMMS app developers, we know we will be surprised with the number of ways in which this new functionality will be used. We expect this to be used mostly in situations where new app versions are routinely created and deployed to production. In fact our own SC Navigator app development team has already used it to build their flow for automated updating of the apps of all our SC Navigator customers.

What are key features I need to know about?

  • Supports publishing, updating, deletion and listing of apps using REST calls.
  • Includes OpenAPI spec to enable automated development of the REST client.
  • For now uses API keys for authentication, created in the PRO Portal. In future this will be changed to a more sophisticated authentication/authorization method.

What else do I need to know as app developer?

  • Only available on our cloud platform, no plans to offer this for the on-premise version of AIMMS PRO.
  • Reference documentation can be found here (both how to obtain API keys and further down how to use this service).
  • And of course you can always ask questions here in the community or email our User Support team.
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