WebUI features update

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WebUI features update

The below mentioned features are available with AIMMS version 4.80. Read more about the New Features.

Dear Community,

Here is a preview of a few of the new features / additions to the WebUI.

  1. Selection Box V2 (Experimental Feature): This is a replacement for the dropdown Selection Box with some extra features and improvements:
    1. Server-side search allows users to search the entire data set, i.e all elements in the set regardless of the size of the set. 
    2. Users can scroll the complete list of elements.
    3. Better performance since the data is loaded only when needed.
    4. Available for Grid Layout only.
    5. Built with new technology.
      These options are not available in Selection Box V1.
  2. Grid Layout on Dialog Pages: As part of improving the layout of the application and maintaining consistency, we have extended grid layout support for Dialog pages. The process is the same as converting pages to the grid layout. You can also create and apply custom layouts, as you would for regular pages. You can now specify CUSTOM sizes for Dialog pages.
    We will soon begin extending grid layout support for the Side Panels as well. 

It has also been a few months since we released our first set of features on Application Management in 4.78, which allow you to easily cut, copy, paste, and move widgets from one page to another. We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any suggestions. You can read more about it and add your comments here.


In our upcoming release, we will be removing one of the Experimental Features, Ignore Map Upgrade. All map widgets will now be rendered with the latest version. Please read more about that here.


We hope these features add more value to your applications and further enhance the experience.


Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



Team WebUI.

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