WinUI End of Life and Development Status

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WinUI End of Life and Development Status

This is an important update for customers with a paid-for license (subscription or 'in maintenance') who build and maintain WinUI Apps in AIMMS. We have extended the end of life of the WinUI to ‘not before 2026’ (this used to be ‘not before 2023’). This gives you the certainty that WinUI will be available for at least 3 more years. WinUI itself has been considered deprecated for a number of years now. This means no more new features will be added to the WinUI, and only high-priority issues will be fixed if possible. See also:

Our WebUI builder has become the standard for most Apps. If you are unfamiliar with our WebUI capabilities, please check out these two free courses on AIMMS Academy for WebUI basics and some advanced interactions:

If you have any questions about using the WebUI, you can also visit our the dedicated WebUI forum on our online community or send an email to


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