WinUI End of Life and Development Status

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WinUI End of Life and Development Status

This is an important update for customers with a paid-for license (subscription or 'in maintenance') who build and maintain WinUI Apps in AIMMS. We have extended the end of life of the WinUI to ‘not before 2026’ (this used to be ‘not before 2023’). This gives you the certainty that WinUI will be available for at least 3 more years. WinUI itself has been considered deprecated for a number of years now. This means no more new features will be added to the WinUI, and only high-priority issues will be fixed if possible. See also:

Our WebUI builder has become the standard for most Apps. If you are unfamiliar with our WebUI capabilities, please check out these two free courses on AIMMS Academy for WebUI basics and some advanced interactions:

If you have any questions about using the WebUI, you can also visit our the dedicated WebUI forum on our online community or send an email to



Because we receive more questions about the status of the WinUI lately, here's an update.


The End of Life of the WinUI has been announced?

  1. Yes, we have been advising all customers and partners to use the WebUI when developing new AIMMS apps for five years.
  2. The last official statement about this end of life is from early 2022 and reads 'We have extended the end of life of the WinUI to 'not before 2026' (this used to be 'not before 2023').


What does 'end of life' mean?

  1. WinUI has been considered deprecated for several years now (since 2014). This means no more new features will be added to the WinUI, and only high-priority issues will be fixed if possible. 
  2. 'End of life' will eventually lead to the WinUI being removed from the AIMMS software. There is currently no concrete reason to do this. For now, we are not pulling the plug.
  3. The 'End of life' may also be caused by Microsoft discontinuing support for certain Windows native functions used by the WinUI. Even if the WinUI remains part of the AIMMS software, external factors may prevent this feature from being used. There is no reason to think this will happen in the short term.


Why the WebUI?

  1. The WinUI is labeled as outdated in almost all cases by end users.
  2. An attractive UI ensures a faster ROI; apps are accepted more quickly by the end users.
  3. AIMMS apps developed with the WebUI can be used on all devices.
  4. There are endless possibilities for innovation through the use of modern technology.


Does the WebUI contain the same features as the WinUI?

  1. No. The WebUI and the WinUI are two completely different products. Therefore, the WebUI is not a replacement for the WinUI.
  2. Although the WinUI offers developers opportunities to develop a first version of an app faster, the WebUI is superior in creating the right experience for the end user.

Examples are customizable workflow & workflow validation, sidebars, theming, page- widget- and cell actions, combination charts with zooming, etc. and no need to stream anything to the end user’s desktop. 



Road map 2023

  1. A Flow Chart for the WebUI will be developed
  2. Web Pages in Libraries


What is the advice AIMMS gives to partners and customers using WinUI apps?

  1. The essential advice is to stop developing new WinUI apps.
  2. Check for each WinUI app to determine whether a business case can be made to redesign the app with the WebUI.
  3. Redesigning is more than just converting the app from WinUI to WebUI. Using the WebUI makes it possible to create a whole new end user - and typically much better - experience.
  4. Elements that you can use in making the business case include:
    1. Are there many or few end users?
    2. How often is the app used?
    3. How big is the need for IT, Security, or users to work with modern technology?
    4. How big is the need to display the data in modern widgets?
    5. Is there a need for a new, more modern user experience?
    6. Do you need to become independent of requiring running on Windows desktop? Use other devices.
    7. Is there a need for faster user adoption of new functionality that the app developer adds?


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