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  • 30 July 2019
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I want to present production lines in my gantt chart.
Production is separated to different levels:

Is it possible the show theese levels in the same line bellow each other? Or I need to create another line for each?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Boglarka Balogh ,

If 2 jobs are on top of each other, they will automatically separate as shown below

So you may rely on this show 2 different levels on the same line. Is that sufficient ?
It is unfortunately not possible to split 1 line.
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I had the same question today, but is it still not possible to split the jobs on the same line or to increase the overlapping offset? (since this topic has been discussed 2 years ago - i was wondering if there has been an update)

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Thanks for your question, Marc...

@Madhu Krishnappa could you comment on this?

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Hi @Boglarka Balogh & @Marc Wingender,

As you might know, WebUI team were occupied with building Grid Layouts, our new Widget framework followed by our new Combination Chart Widget.  And now we plan to focus on “Tabular Data Manipulation” epic.

I would like to assert such a Gantt Chart enhancement is indeed on our backlog. And would be considered for later timelines.



WebUI Team




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